How To Choose An Auckland Website Design Company That Understand your Goal?

If you are looking for an Auckland website design and development company, look no further. The Web Guys is an Auckland-based web development & design company providing website development, web design, SEO, branding, visual communications & branding, social media optimization, web analytics, internet marketing, web development, flash web design, graphic design, logo design, web development & more. The company was started in 2021 by Rob Poulos and Mark Griffith Price Action. They are based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company is run as a team of six dedicated individuals who work together to provide the best web design, web development and SEO services possible. They aim to provide every client with the best web design and web development possible at affordable prices.

Each of the six members of Geek Free Web Design has a different expertise. Their combined knowledge and experience allow them to design websites that are not only attractive but also help to enhance the business. Website development and design encompass a lot of factors which have to be carefully considered for each project. For a business, these factors include: website functionality, SEO rankings, online visibility, social media networking, return on investment, etc. When all these factors are carefully balanced, website development and design can help to reach your business goals.

There are two common methods used to determine the final cost of a website project. One involves a financial professional like a Certified Management Accountant, or a Costing Service Provider. The second method is to work out a rough estimate by hand or using some kind of software program. Both methods involve some level of calculation and it is common for the business needs of each company to differ. Therefore, it is likely that the final cost estimate will vary from one company to another.

If you are not sure how much your future website project will cost, it is probably a good idea to find out what your current web design costs are. The lower your current cost, the more likely you will be to upgrade your website. The upgrade may be something simple such as a logo change, to something more complex, such as adding new web pages or adding a maintenance service. If you do not want to take on full maintenance service, you may be able to upgrade your site to web-hosting as part of a web design and development package.

Web design and development NZ companies can often provide your website with all of the design elements you need at a reasonable price. Many web design and development NZ companies offer web design templates, as well as ecommerce solutions, web development tools and content management systems. However, web design and development NZ companies will be able to provide more options and customisation than other companies. If you cannot find exactly what you need, a Auckland website design can customise a website for you, taking the website to the next level and making it what you need.

Many website development NZ companies also offer free website templates, which you can use for free until you have found the template that suits you. You then have to contact the website development NZ company, stating what you are looking for and what you want in the website. Web design and development NZ companies often work with a portfolio of websites, so you can see exactly what they can make. If you are having problems uploading the images for the website, many web design and development NZ companies will be able to add the images you require at no additional cost. You should always ask about this before starting any website development project.

If you are planning to use web hosting with your website project, you may be able to get a website hosting plan for free with your Auckland website design. Hosting can be used for a variety of reasons, such as to have more storage space on your server, to allow better accessibility for search engine spiders and to reduce the amount of down time that is experienced by your website visitors. You should therefore be sure to ask any web hosting NZ companies that you are considering using about the web hosting plan, the maintenance service that is provided and the cost of this service. You should also consider whether or not you would like to purchase your own server, depending upon your business needs and the bandwidth limits that you wish to be able to enforce. New Zealand companies are able to offer you this option for an additional fee.

Choosing Auckland website design that you feel comfortable with and has a good track record is a good idea, especially if you have a tight budget. Take the time to look at a few of the website development NZ companies that are available and find one that you feel you can work with. Most important, you must ensure that you can communicate effectively with the website design and hosting company. This is very important, as communication is key to making a successful website.

Traits of The Best Firms Engaged In Web Design in New Zealand

There are thousands of companies that deal with web design in New Zealand. This is why finding the best one for your specific needs, and budget can be stressful and time-consuming. With the harsh competition out there, it can be hard to know what you’re looking for when searching for the perfect partner.

Your site is one of the most important business aspects in this day and age. You may just care about getting your site up and running, but picking the wrong web design firm can be a costly mistake. Professionals are available, and you can ensure you pick the right one by looking for the following traits.


Top firms in web design stay at the top because of their staff team. Since these firms provide services rather than products, they are only as good as the individuals they bring on board. An excellent web design company such as Geek Free Web Design understands this and ensure they hire the right web designers.

User experience is a huge factor in web design in regards to hiring web designers compared to graphic designers. More often than not, you will find that firms with experience of over 7 years are the best for the job.

Services & Capabilities

While choosing the best firm specializing in web design in New Zealand is important, it’s not the only factor. There are numerous benefits to picking a full-service company on top of finding an ideal web design firm. It takes us back to the engineer and architect discussion. An architect has to consult with the engineer to ensure their vision and design actually work as intended.

Having search engine optimization in-house can come in handy when bringing your site to life. Content is another important aspect to consider when seeking this service. While you may be the one publishing the content, it is worth considering an agency that will tackle the SEO aspects in accordance with the current requirements or standards.

Acting as a Partner or Vendor?

Most people searching for web design in New Zealand solution want a firm that will become their partner rather than a vendor. Clients usually take on redesign projects on top of their daily tasks and don’t have adequate time.

Expecting clients to provide each and every detail is almost impossible as they are not experts in the web design field. An excellent company will take the time to brainstorm and come up with ideas or solutions to the goals you are trying to reach.


To put it in simple terms, the best web design company has a portfolio that speaks for itself and is pretty diverse in terms of clients. Do not rush and instead take the time to inquire about the team that will be handling your project. With a company like Geek Free Web Design in New Zealand, you can be certain that your dreams and vision will be brought to life in stress and hassle-free manner. You will also have the time to focus on other core aspects of your business as your site comes to life.